Transgender, NonBinary, and Allies

A friendly place of support, community, and information, with modern voice/text chat  

Meet people, Make friends, get questions answered

Let's face it: life can be hard sometimes as a transgender or nonbinary person. There's a lot of stigma and misinformation out there, and people are sometimes not so understanding of us. Whether you're in-the-closet, questioning, out & proud, or looking for information on behalf of a friend or family member, you will find something of use here on Transcord. Our multifaceted voice and text chat server provides a place where you can be yourself, a place where you can ask questions, and a place where you can meet people like you.  Whether you have a computer, tablet, or phone, connecting to Transcord is easy and free. 

GUARANTEED safe space, with 24/7 moderation and support staff

Transcord connects people from all over the world, yet still maintains a top-notch level of anonymity, safety, and security. We have private and public rooms, and an excellent moderation and support team available to assist 24/7. Transcord is a safe space, a place of empathy and understanding.